The Solarstratos mission generated more than 3,5 million media impressions.

The visit of the Solarstratos Mission created a buzz in Montreal which generated live interviews, news reports in the daily La Presse +, the TVA Salut-Bonjour morning show, Le 15-18 radio show at ICI Radio-Canada.

The Solarstratos mission generated more than 3,5 million media impressions

Key Montreal dailies published full page reports, in The Journal de Montréal, Le Devoir, The Huffington Post and Journal Metro newspaper. Les débrouillards, science magazine for young people and Quebec Science Magazine also published in-depth articles.

Celebrating social economy innovation,

ALICE implemented a creative event, featuring BOIS URBAIN’s new front façade (renovation) and mark the launch of new on-line furniture boutique. A first for the company. The project was conducted in collaboration with BOIS URBAIN’s marketing committee created for this occasion. Our mandate included developing a creative event concept, coordinating event logistics, drafting communication tools and leading protocole activities with local politicians.

Generating local media coverage

On this occasion, ALICE took the opportunity to orchestrate a media relations campaign with local media to highlight the organization’s social mission and to promote high quality wood products manufactured by motivated employee-participants.

Interjet : Mexican airline headquartered in Mexico.

In the summer of 2017, Alice Public Relations conducted the media annoncement of the first Interjet flight between Mexico and Canada, with nonstop service between International Airport Pierre Elliott Trudeau of Montreal and the international airport Benito Juárez in Mexico City as well as in Cancún.

The results were more than satisfactory

Similar media announcements took place in Toronto and Vancouver reaching out to Business, Travel and Tourism journalists. The key dailies as well as the Travel industry media across Canada covered these events.

Quebec media tour promotes happy and sustainable sobriety.

A new company with a SOCIAL MISSION has emerged to promote happy and sustainable SOBRIETY. SOBERLAB is a creative space, for reaching and maintaining sobriety, a safe gathering place for people dealing with addiction. ALICE joined the Soberlab movement, initiated by actress, filmmaker and director ELIANE GAGNON, to launch the message of its founder. To raise awareness ALICE orchestrated a media relations campaign in key Quebec media markets challenging people to experience Partying without having a drink!

Cross promotion partnerships

ALICE also developed various partnerships including ULULE – responsible for social fundraising activities which contributed to increasing SOBERLAB’s visibility.

OFF event and clever partnerships to promote Montreal History Museums.

Alice Public Relations has developed a traditional and digital public relations campaign aimed at history enthusiasts, as part of an OFF 375 program for the History Museums of Montréal. The first component of the campaign was to develop strategic partnerships with key Montréal players, such as car2go, l’Itinéraire magazine, the Association des petits hôtels de Montréal and Journal Métro. In addition, ALICE will orchestrate public relations and promotional activities throughout 2017, including the publication of 100% History monthly articles in Journal Métro and special packages for tourists, etc.

Coverage behond expectations

The press conference launch has generated multi-platform coverage (print, digital, radio) of more than 2.6 million impressions, including major articles in Le Devoir, Huffington Post, and more. The press release has been picked-up by several media outlets. Social media garnered an additional 885,382 impressions.

Montreal celebrities in support of street paper.

Alice Public Relations took up the challenge of increasing awareness of l’Itinéraire’s flagship event, Camelot d’un Jour, in key media markets where the street newspaper is distributed. On September 22, 2016, the event brought together some twenty public media personalities and actors, including Guylaine Tremblay, Marc Labrèche, Johane Despins, and Florence K who, for one hour, sold the l’Itinéraire to passers-by etc. ALICE’s team developed and executed a traditional and digital media relations campaign, while optimizing the organization’s communication resources and network. Four media waves where executed with mass media, including television and radio hosts (morning and drive home shows), cultural columnists, weather and traffic reporters, as well as a social media initiative.

Quebec wide media coverage with more than 10 million impressions

Alice’s efforts have generated cross-platform coverage of more than 10 million impressions, including major articles in Quebec’s main daily newspapers and their websites, such as: Journal de Montréal, La Presse, Journal Metro, Huffington Post, but also in Le Droit, La Tribune, Journal de Québec, etc. Note also television coverage including TVA (Salut Bonjour), Radio-Canada (Montreal / Estrie) and radio such as Rouge FM, CIBL, etc.

Promoting alternative medecines as part of the solution

Alice Public Relations developed a positioning strategy to promote the contribution of non-regulated naturopathic medicine and other alternative medicines in Quebec at the 2016 International Symposium on Naturopathy, organized by the Group de recherche en approche intégrée en santé (GRAIS). For this, ALICE designed and produced a graphic signature for the event, developed well-received talking points and crafted strong key messages. We invited journalists to open the debate on the recognition of alternative medicines.

Media coverage generating healthy debate

La Presse conducted an independent interview with the spokesperson of GRAIS and published an article that triggered a debate among representatives of official and alternative medicine. Alice followed up with a “letter to readers” campaign in reaction to the article. After the event, participants in the Symposium have been following up with the Quebec government to discuss appropriate measures to regulate alternative medicine practices in Québec.

ALICE played a key role in the FMB’s PR-marketing strategy and contributes to the notoriety of the event which each year heralds the beginning of the Montreal summer.

For its 20th anniversary, the FMB launched a bold program under the theme: Cadence Féminine. Thanks to media relations activities with cultural and classical music media, as well as confirmed partnerships with Journal Métro and Inspiration Classique Magazine, the FMB has benefited from the publication of in-depth articles, digital thematic capsules, and advertising banners.

Several publications and websites from the Tourism industry have published in their cultural calendars the dates of the festival.

Actively involved from the very beginning in 2020, ALICE has contributed to raising awareness of the MAF movement by focusing on high-impact media strategies.

Since its launch with the Cri du Coeur by co-instigators Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, author, filmmaker and Laure Waridel, eco-sociologist, MAF has been making noise in the public arena throughout Quebec.

The implementation of sustained media activities over the past three years to hammer MAF’s messages have followed one another, notably on the mobilization in Ottawa for Mother’s Day, during the Vigil for the Future of the World in Montreal, or the launch of the video Mères by Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette on a song by Ingrid St-Pierre.

Powerful media coverage with prime-time interviews, as well as letters in the Debates sections of Quebec’s main daily newspapers and weeklies help keep politicians’ attention.

For the 23rd edition of the Festival du Monde Arabe de Montréal, under the theme Corporel: When the Flesh Dictates the Narrative, ALICE RP provided MediaRelations services to reach the so-called traditional cultural media and responded to interviews requests from media partners and community media (WebTV) groups.

ALICE has also developed a media plan and confirmed a partnership with a local daily newspaper. Thus, the FMA obtained the publication of a feature article on the front page for the launch of the program (TRIBALE).

Overall, press coverage generated approximately fifteen million impressions and fifty (50) media opportunities. The publication of articles in Montreal’s main daily newspapers, mentions on national and international television and radio, as well as interviews with a dozen artists have been confirmed.

Several publications and websites from the Tourism industry have published in their cultural calendars the dates of the festival.