ALICE is a public relations
agency connected to the new
social media reality

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ALICE is a public relations
agency connected to the new
social media reality

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ALICE Public Relations is a public relations agency with a large network of influencers, connected to new social and media realities.



The agency’s strength: its approach inspired by the main characteristics of ALICE:







ALICE demonstrates its ability to develop bold partnerships and mobilize various actors to promote the OFF 375. The team also stands out for its creativity, and more PR activities to come promise professionalism, efficiency and cordiality as we like our events to be.

ALICE, is an angel fallen from heaven. She does wonders. Bright, devoted with a powerful social sensibility. She made our Camelot d’un Jour flagship event a human and successful day, an inspiring tribute to our camelots, and an incredible media happening.

Lise Huneault is a seasoned professional who combines her passion for marketing communications with social development. Involved on our board of directors, she brings her great expertise to meet our challenges in the business world while respecting our social mission. Bold, refreshing and creative, her support is invaluable and much appreciated.

Founded in Montreal, ALICE is a public relations agency.
ALICE Public Relations offers specialized services in PR-Marketing, traditional and digital Media Relations, and Advertising campaigns on social media plateforms.