International Symposium on Naturopathy 2016

Promoting alternative medecines as part of the solution

Alice Public Relations developed a positioning strategy to promote the contribution of non-regulated naturopathic medicine and other alternative medicines in Quebec at the 2016 International Symposium on Naturopathy, organized by the Group de recherche en approche intégrée en santé (GRAIS). For this, ALICE designed and produced a graphic signature for the event, developed well-received talking points and crafted strong key messages. We invited journalists to open the debate on the recognition of alternative medicines.

Media coverage generating healthy debate

La Presse conducted an independent interview with the spokesperson of GRAIS and published an article that triggered a debate among representatives of official and alternative medicine. Alice followed up with a “letter to readers” campaign in reaction to the article. After the event, participants in the Symposium have been following up with the Quebec government to discuss appropriate measures to regulate alternative medicine practices in Québec.