Our approach

ALICE’s strength is its 5C approachlogo-alice-relations-publiques-5c




We want to know everything about our clients, so we take the time to learn, analyze and immerse ourselves in your business.

ALICE develops communication strategies based on your business objectives. With you, we define desired outcomes, roles and responsibilities, budgets and timelines, and provide clear goals that are measurable and achievable. 


Clichéd language, prefabricated  messages and complacency are not an option in today’s world where transparency and authenticity are at a premium if organizations wish to establish profitable relationships with their audiences.

ALICE encourages its clients to do this in all of its communications, accompanying them in the implementation of responsible and inclusive conversations, even if this may be difficult at times.  


Instilling new ideas into all aspects of a public relations strategy is one of the strengths of the agency.

ALICE creates stories that resonate, produces the right visuals in the right formats and gives them life through newsworthy stories and credible spokespersons. 


Working with clients, their partners and stakeholders is the best way to implement high-impact communication strategies.

ALICE capitalizes on the energy created by working together and leverages all the talents available to achieve agreed-upon goals. 


ALICE has an extensive network of specialists and creatives  such as digital designers, event planners, producers and directors. Diverse resources in all major media centres across Canada, including authors, health professionals, dieticians, lifestyle experts are also part of this network.